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Birds of a Feather
mixed media, almost all repurposed file folders

2021 ArtPrize Entry

9/16-10/3/21 Hyatt Place Grand Rapids

This trilogy was created in memory of my wife Rhoda. She was my partner, my muse, and most of all the love of my life. The pieces honor the moments we shared, from our first meeting through family and senior years. 

1. Pavo Cristatus 1'6" x 7' x 3'7".
Remembering Rhoda's beauty and poise.

The majestic strutting proud Peacock was constructed in 975 hours over a period of 11 months.  His 7-foot semi-circular train comprises 33 plumes with 219 8-layer frontal eyespots and 215 2-layer rear eyespots.  There are over 2,100 individual appliqués on the train. Each eyespot is at the intersection of 3, 4 or 5 distinct Fibonacci spirals.
2. Phoenix Rising from the Ashes 1' x 3'8" x 2'6".
Hold dear the memories we create each and every day, to rise in joy once again.

The valiant, courageous Phoenix, ready to do battle for just causes, was created in 686 hours over a period of 6 months.  The 24” diameter breast comprises 190 slender, graceful “flutes” of different lengths. These are arranged to leave a hollow center in the shape of a heart.  The wings, neck and rump are similarly fashioned with flutes of different lengths, using 252 flutes in all.
3. Orange Segments (Deconstructed Turkey) 2'6" x 2'6" x 1'7" (3'3" with platform).
Remembering how the segments of our life varied in texture and sweetness, but were all nourishing.

The humble unobtrusive turkey was constructed over a period of 4 months in 508 hours.  The core is a 19” hemisphere composed of 17 quarter and semi-circular sub-assemblies, which consist of 190 graceful flutes representing its feathers. 62 flutes were added to the train and rump enhancing the hemisphere to 30”.
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